Stormtech Spring 2021 Workbook - USA

Provides a n all- you-need basic level of water resistanc e for cool to cold wet we ather condi tions M’S, W’S & Y’S: BLACK M’S, W’S & Y’S: NAVY Built for your team. Lightweight and ultra-soft with a water repellent fabrication. The mesh liner promotes maximum ventilation and lower leg side openings offer easy on and off access. WARRIOR TRAINING PANT STXP-2 FABRICATION: 100% Polyester Micro Twill, 5.01oz/yd 2 (USA) / 170gsm (CDN) with 100% Polyester Lining ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • PFC-Free Water Repellent Finish • Fully Lined with Mesh &Taffeta • Elastic Waist with Drawcord Adjustment 5ºC to 20ºC | 41ºF to 68ºF MEN’S SIZING: S-3XL WOMEN’S SIZING: XS-2XL YOUTH SIZING: XS-XL WARRIOR TRAINING PANT STXP-2 | STXP-2W STXP-2Y DECORATION OPTIONS: E HT SP LP E HT SP LP E HT SP LP Zippered Pockets Provide secure storage for valuable s Lower Leg Side Openin gs Makes it easy to put on or take off during activities and enhanc es ventilation LEVEL 1 600mm LEVEL 1 1,000g/m 2 STORMTECHUSA.COM MSRP (M’S &W’S) $60.00 MSRP (YOUTH) $50.00 LIGHTWEIGHT RAINSHELLS | 141 LIGHTWEIGHT RAINSHELLS PERFORMANCE RAINSHELLS