Stormtech Spring 2021 Workbook - Europe & International

Stowable Hood Convenient ro ll out or roll in for a ve rsatile look and varia ble weather prep aration Reflective Trim For added visibility in low light Super Ligh tweight Convenient for packing and travel Provides an all- you-need basic level of water resistance for cool to cold wet weather conditions 5ºC to 20ºC | 41ºF to 68ºF WOMEN’S SIZING: XS-2XL (Black & Navy XS-3XL) MEN’S SIZING: XS-3XL (Black & Navy XS-5XL) YOUTH SIZING: S-XL DECORATION OPTIONS: M’S & W’S: BLACK M’S & W’S: CARBON M’S, W’S & Y’S: NAVY M’S, W’S & Y’S: AZURE BLUE M’S, W’S & Y’S: BRIGHT RED M’S: KIWI M’S & W’S: COOL SILVER E HT SP LP E HT SP LP E HT SP LP 600mm 1,000g/m 2 ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • Adjustable Hood and Cuffs • Back Mesh Lined Vent • Zippered Pockets • Adjustable Hem • Stowable Hood into Collar FABRICATION: 100% Polyester Pongee, 2.65oz/yd 2 (USA)/90gsm with Mesh Lining NAUTILUS PERFORMANCE SHELL KX-1 | KX-1W KX-1Y M’S & W’S $45.00 MSRP USD £35.00 RRP GBP €40.00 RRP EURO YOUTH $36.00 MSRP USD £30.00 RRP GBP €35.00 RRP EURO STORMTECH SPRING 2021 COLLECTION 138 | LIGHTWEIGHT RAINSHELL LIGHTWEIGHT RAINSHELLS PERFORMANCE RAINSHELLS