Stormtech Fall 2021- Canada

FABRICATION: 100% Nylon, 1.18oz./yd 2 (USA) /40gsm (CDN) The ultimate puffer. Like magic, the ergonomically designed Stavanger Thermal Jacket features a full coverage hood, and ultralight polyfill baffles for toasty warmth, and easily packs down to a travel size pillow. MEN’S SIZING: S-3XL (Black/Graphite S-5XL) WOMEN’S SIZING: XS-2XL YOUTH SIZING: XS-XL DECORATION OPTIONS: E HT SP LP E HT SP LP E HT SP LP STAVANGER THERMAL JACKET AFP-2 | AFP-2W AFP-2Y 10ºC to -10ºC | 50ºF to 14ºF LEVEL 1 600mm LEVEL 1 1,000g/m 2 Ergonom ic Fit Designe d for an ergonom ic fit and optimal range of motion without compromising perform ance Elasticized Cuffs Block cold air from enteri ng the sleeve and offers a relaxed fit SELF-POCKET PACKABLE Provi des an all-you- need basic level of water resistance for co ol to cold wet weat her conditions Full Co verage Attached Hood For eas ily accessible warmth and protect ion from the elements M’S, W’S & Y’S: BLACK/GRAPHITE M’S: BURNT ORANGE/ GRAPHITE W’S: ROSE/ GRAPHITE M’S, W’S & Y’S: NAVY/GRAPHITE M’S & W’S: BLACK/ AZURE BLUE M’S & W’S: GARDEN GREEN/GRAPHITE M’S & W’S: BLACK/ BRIGHT RED M’S & W’S: GRAPHITE/ GRAPHITE NEWCOLOR NEW COLOR High loft synthetic insulation, designe d to be lightweight and compactible FEATHER FREE T H E RMA L S H E L L MSRP (M’S &W’S) $165.00 MSRP (YOUTH) $140.00 THERMAL OUTERWEAR | 75 STORMTECHPERFORMANCE.COM THERMAL OUTERWEAR QUILTED THERMAL JACKETS